About Us

Androgyny UK is a gender neutral streetwear brand that embraces free self expression.

The understanding of gender is changing, and is no longer split into two opposing sides of male and female. It’s a fluid state, and we want people to feel like they can express their identity by wearing whatever they want, regardless of their gender.

Our logo is actually inspired by gender neutrality. The moon comes from Greek philosophy where in Plato’s Symposium he describes ‘androgynes’ as ‘Children of the Moon’, whilst the black and white triangle in the middle of the circle symbolises the fact that gender no longer exists as the traditional dichotomy of male and female.

Our aesthetic is clean and uncomplicated, and is influenced by contemporary street and sportswear. We also have a commitment to sustainability, with the t-shirts and vests being designed and handmade in a UK-based studio using GOTS certified organic cotton.

You are who you are, let us become a part of your unique identity.

"I really want people to feel good about themselves, especially when they’re wearing something from Androgyny UK!”

Peter Bevan, Founder & Designer, Androgyny UK